Let's begin, shall we?

JACK CROWDER is an established artist based out of Houston, Texas. Working in portraits, storytelling illustration, brand identity and package design. He has held titles such as Creative Director, Infographic Artist, Graphic Designer and Technician.

Biographies, mission statements, objections or any other resume header should never be the representative of an artist. They are corporate rhetoric fed to the artist or firm as advertising. If you have found me then you did it already looking for a design for whatever project you need (website, graphic design, television, radio, marketing, public relations or personal). I don't need to hammer on about what I can do for your brand positioning. You, the reader, are very intelligent. Iím tired of every graphic design firm hand-feeding their message to you as if you are not.

Iím Jack Crowder, your potential graphic designer. I am not limited to just that title. Over the past decade I have worked in every category of art but chances are you have something in mind so letís not waste time with me listing past jobs. You will find that information as you thumb through the website for everything I present: there will be an explanation. No one will be left in the dark.